DAY 238 (A memory long lost...)

A few months ago, I remember going for a movie with my-then-would-be-husband. Beautifully scripted a good Hollywood movie for which we have been waiting for quite some time. We booked the most comfortable and the highly expensive (read over-priced) last row seats. Just before the movie had to start, there is a lady who comes and sits next to me. Movie starts and still there is no one who comes in to fill the seat next to her. "Poor girl, I think". Her friend must have ditched her and it must be so irritating to be stuck alone in a theatre.

20 minutes pass by and suddenly I hear her saying, "I just love this guy" pointing to a new actor who appeared on screen. I shrug and ignore her thinking she might be talking to herself. Then this happened in frequent intervals. Whenever a  good scene comes, she would look at me as if we came together and would say something. For once I felt, either she is crazy or she is too frustrated for her friend to ditch her that she is torturing others.

Interval happens and my-then-would-be-husband goes to get some popcorn. This girl starts telling me how she goes for all movies alone and enjoys them throughly. It was hard to grasp and difficult to digest but then I admired her liveliness.

Movie finishes, she smiles at me and waves goodbye. And then I tell my partner about her.

Today, out of the blue I just remember her and then think she was one full of life person whom I met unplanned. We all crib for being lonely. If we get company to fill our loneliness, we crib about not having enough time alone. But there are so many out there who make every moment count. No matter what. We like to be independent still we demand attention, time and partnership. But there are so many, who don't waste time on getting someone to go along.

Well thats called living life !! And well...the movie that we went was "To rome with love". And the guy whom she mentioned she loves is "Roberto Benigni" who was the lead in one of the best movies I have seen so far "Life is beautiful". Was that a sign? :-) 


  1. Being the one who experienced this..I would say that girl was very delightful person, I remember her enjoying to her fullest and cheering in between scenes. A rare kind of inspiration I would say people see these days. And so is your blog. Felt as if I relived that moment.

    P.S. Those were the days!! ;)

    1. True...those were the days... :)


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