DAY 137 (What if...???)

What if....everything seems beautiful to you? You find happiness and smiles everywhere and you don't care why. You can feel the sky being blue and the world being so colourful. You start caring about what you wear...and how you look ;) . You plan a new plan everyday but then at the end of are always left unplanned. You start experiencing the poles-opposite split personalities of Sherlock Holmes, Julia Robert and Snow White. You really can't decide how and why have you undergone this drastic change but you wish to last it forever. You write and write....and write endlessly and you don't even care whether it makes any sense. You just smile when someone demands an explanation and go mute when you think you have zillions of statements on your tongue. 

The bad old places suddenly seems to have been renovated overnight and appear brand new. You don't feel tired even after working for endless hours and even after undergoing the torture of some over-torturous company of people. You just don't care. The day ends at the same point as it started but you feel as if something drastic has changed everyday and you are served on a fresh platter every new morning. You read a lot,write even more and listen all kinds of music for the longest hours ever. 

You wish...if the evening and then the night would get over that a new day would overtake. And start with something new and smile again and surrender yourself now to Serendipity :) 


  1. Girl, you have been tagged..!!

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  2. @chanz...thanks chanz for both the comments..!! :)

  3. ahem ahem! hope to see more of these , unlike your previous posts ;) ;)


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