DAY 139 (A post dedicated to all the daughters..!!)

This post is dedicated to all the daughters all around the world as today is a day for them to be proud of themselves. You know...I read it somewhere that
"A son is a son till he gets a wife...but a daughter is a daughter throughout her life!"
And its so true! No I am not being biased here. And I do not mean to offend anybody as well. There are few of the exceptional cases where things are just the opposite way but as a general view....and as an experience through which I have learnt...the above thought says it all.

A country where in many geographical parts... female infanticide is still persistent, where the birth of a girl is still presumed to be the curse of God and where girls are still meant to just get married as soon as possible and bear children, its important to celebrate such a day more than anywhere else. 

I have seen families who are so proud of their son, give him fancy education and all the luxuries of the world and then somewhere sacrifice or hesitate to do the same amount of efforts when its about their daughters. A few years pass, and their son gives them a call to inform that he is married now and in some other cases...tell them that his job demands him to live abroad and that he will be sending money from there. After sometime even that stops. There are some cases...where suddenly the Mommy's boy starts thinking that its better for him to move out of the two-room flat and buy a new house for his beautiful wife and would-be children and since his parents have lived their whole life in that old house...they should be dumped back there to look after the house and themselves.

But when it comes to a daughter....she will be always there. Although she knows that after just few years,she would have to leave her parents and spend the rest of her life with a completely new set of  people. But then,she gives them all her love and care with total undivided attention. She has to manage two families altogether throughout her life and she does that without any complaints or demands. None of the two feel satisfied with her dedication ever...there are always discussions of her incapabilities rather than efforts which she makes and she always accepts them without any frowns.

I know its not an ideal scenario. This does not happen everywhere and in all the cases. But still there are so many families and scenarios where you'll find such situations. Today I wanted to dedicate this to them. 

Rest of the girls, who are blessed with super-good parents and cooperative in-laws...cheers to you all..!! 

I wish all the daughters a very HAPPY DAUGHTER'S DAY..!!! :) 


  1. Happy Daughters day didi!!
    U really are awesome!!

    I support ur cause..:)

    Girls rock!!



  2. and daughter's day should be celebrated more often. That way I would get more gifts... :D

  3. @chanz..haha...what a wise thought..!! ;)

  4. hi
    first time visited your place...
    but by chance it is the time when a blessed daughter ,sister and wife like me have the feelings that its not always easy to face life for a female figure.... despite all the privileges ,i must say rare privileges i have, sometime a sense of insecurity surrounds me.i really don't know ?may be typical feminine psychology.:-)
    have a good time

  5. @heavenly muse...thanks for your comment! Hope to see you again here! :)


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