DAY 133 (Feeling handicapped...)

Well....writing is something which is much more than just a part of my life. But,I also realize the fact that I can't vent out "everything" here. There comes a restriction and limitation due to innumerable reasons. Call me coward or diplomatic or whatever...but I would answer in one simple line This is how it is. 

Thats times when I know that I can't scream out the minutest details of the storm happening inside me...I read something which plays as a pseudo audience for me. Something which I find really close to me and I believe that somehow through this characterization, people are listening to me...reading me... which becomes more of a necessity rather than just a habit. It works as a catalyst for me to keep breathing. And when I can't find even that....I feel handicapped. Its a feeling as are in a state of coma where you can see and hear everything but can't retaliate to it. Thats how its happening with me. For now,I am in a deep crisis of my bestest friends...books and I feel horrible about it. 

I struggle everyday to say out whats inside me...but fail every other time. I know I am doing injustice to myself but then I choose this same way everytime. I know what I feel...but I don't understand the language in which my heart talks and thats why it neither does come out from the mouth nor from the fingers. Maybe...thats how its destined to be. Maybe...I am exaggerating it for myself. 

But still...whenever it comes to explain this shit....I feel the same...shit..!!!


  1. Sit down alone and write as if you are never going to post it.... words will come out and your finger's will start moving.... I hope they will....

  2. @vipul...there is always an "if" and a "but"

  3. hummm!!! yes there are some 'ifs' and 'buts'. Try to use 'ifs' with 'as' i.e. "as if" and use 'of course' with 'buts' i.e. 'but of course'. :)

  4. It's not about the constraints we have, it's about how well we can manager available resources. :)

  5. @vipul...referring to your last seem to be a very loyal part of IT industry..!! Am I right? :D

  6. @Supriya

    I am into international marketing. People say that I belong to IT industry and landed here wrongly. I tell them that it was my destiny. It was written that I will land here. :)

    I am a geek.


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