DAY 140 (A dedication to a person I admire..)

I have seen people who get connected in fraction of seconds. Some of them take years as well. But in none of the cases are there any similarities except that its all about heart!

I met one of those kind of people a few months back when I started working. She was the assigned mentor for us for the training period. And what a mentor...I must say! A perfect admiring personality to start your first day at work and to follow the culture in the following days. For me... she has always been the ideal from day one. I look up to her till date for maintaining such an amazing profile from past 5 years of work. I have tried to learn from her to manage things, to be yourself...come what may and to handle things the best possible way.

But now, our training has been long over and in a few days she'll be transferred to some other city. When I got the news,then was when I realised that there was a personal connection which was somehow pumped up in between and thus...I am gonna miss her very ..very badly!

At times, it happened that I started my day in the ugliest manner ever possible and I knew that its gonna ruin my following hours as well...and then I just enter the office and by chance find her in the same lift smiling as always and ever and.... the ugliness vanishes in air! The day couldn't start with anything better :-)

There have been times when I got frustrated and didn't know how to handle things happening around me and I find her on the chat tool...and there goes my frustrations! She has guided me all way through till date and I really wish it lasts long for me.

I feel blessed to be under such guidance at the start of my career when misguidances are more likely to happen :-)
God bless you Sonali Ma'am....I know that you are not gonna read it...but I am really gonna miss you!


  1. why don't you send her a sweet message saying that you'll miss her. A little thank-you note or something. Write a few words for her. I am sure she'll treasure it.

  2. @chanz...I have also planned something like that only! And I really hope that she would like it...! :-)
    Its just one month left... :(


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