DAY 136 (For bringing back that smile...!!!)

There are some people in your life without whom you can't manage at all. Be it your super excitingly happy moments...or it might be the worst phases of your life; whether you show it or not,but you need those people your side always.

For me,there is this one person who tops the list...and that is my soul friend Akansha. Unfortunately,she is going through a tough time these days....due to some could-be-mentioned reasons and some unexplainable ones as well. The could-be-mentioned reasons include the hectic,tiring and irritating hostel woes. And more unfortunately, this is one of those superlyyy--duperlyyy exciting phases when I need her by my side badly, where she listens to my unending non-sense and get tired and sick enough of it to say "acha ab bakwas band karo...mujhe padhne do!" But alas..!!!

I just want to convey through this that 
Dear... I really really miss you. I miss your laughs,your smiles,your naughtiness and your irritations. I miss sharing the minutest details of the most silly things I have done throughout the day. I miss telling you about the latest exciting happenings as well. I miss to be your Suppi Darling....and you being my Janeman..!!! I really wish things go fine on your side (which are not as serious as they are sounding right now) as soon as possible. I wish we could resume sharing our souls the next minute you read this. 
I really reallyyy love you...and miss you from the bottom of my heart!
PS- Please forgive me if I hurt you while trying to remove those frowns on your forehead! You should know...that I am not a pro like you in that field!

Now,for all others who read it...the basic reason of making this piece of writing as a blogpost is to collect some happy prayers for my dearmost part of life. Please give her a minute of your blessing. Thank you all !!! :)


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