DAY 213 (The bitter phases..)

There are times when things are just clogging up your mind too much. You project yourself as a different personality though. Because if you don't do that, you might not be able to cope up a day with such burden.
However, as soon as there is a chance of you getting some idle time, you go back to the tensions, burdens and the strategies to solve them.

While all this is happening, you have the least idea that in order to hold yourself, you are losing others around you. Mostly, it is unintentionally or subconsciously and other times it is happening because you are just avoiding it as a part of your deal.

At such time, if the other person is also a part of these hectic chores, he might want or expect something else from you. And you both might be avoiding to bring these things up to avoid another pinch of salt.

Eventually, it comes out and erupts like a volcano. You never knew that the other person started having grudges meanwhile and there is so much inside him against you. You do not know if a defense is needed in such conditions so you snap out too.

There are remarks, blames, high-voices, tears and big fight! A fight that is all not-related to your already-living burden. Its all beyond the brim and there is a flood of emotions.

Sad...isn't it? When you read it like this or write it down? But when its happening, its mere venting out that matters. Too much delay might harm too. Control and patience might lose themselves after a while.

But what can be done...?? has some bitter phases!


  1. Never ending story..but looks like a new episode

  2. Life does have some bitter phases, But then its better not to avoid few things..issues are best solved when small! :)


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