DAY 141 (To those who love travelling..!!)

There are many people I know who just love to travel. Some are as crazy as freaks that they can go anywhere just for the sake of travelling. And I can never understand what makes them feel so good about it??? How can someone be happy in stinking coaches, amongst variety of weirdos and clock ticking with a speed of 100 hours per second!

By now,everyone might have realized that I HATE TO TRAVEL..!!!
It makes me feel frustrated,disgusted and tired for a prolonged period as a gift of its "after-effects". By some coincidence,I have never traveled a lot as well but being a hosteler for 4 years in a place 5 hours from my native city I have done a lot of ups n downs in that duration. And trust me...every time it was worse than HELL. I have considered it as the curse of my bad-deeds in life.

There is this one of my craziest friends who is like a real freak when it comes about travelling. We have been friends for a period longer than we can remember and still its impossible for either of us to understand each other when it comes about perceptions. He always invites me to be part of his "Super travel plans" and I always deny the offer. He thinks that I do that because I am conservative to just go and travel with him to places. Yeah....may be thats a little reason at the back of my mind but thats definitely not the prime reason. I would atleast try to go if I would find any interest in it. Whats the fun in traveling hundreds if miles giving up all your energy in those stupid trains and then following a tour guide just to wrench yourself out of the little energy that you are left with. You come back and it becomes more than difficult to be a part of the normal routine with sufficient concentration. But people don't understand it and I really don't understand why.

All in all...this is a real weird hobby which I have never been able to grasp or absorb inside me. And since I have to travel tomorrow as well ....its already giving me jitters....!!! God please save me... :(


  1. HEHEHE!!!
    Even I love traveling..:P
    we meet a lot of people on the way..:)
    and den are other things also.
    It could turn out to be a post if written in details.
    and about ur friend, he's quite a normal person who loves to travel. Nothing is wrong with people who travel and waste their energy in trains or any other mode of transport.
    Don't worry, ur tour would be short..:)



  2. It seems that you hate the pathetic condition of transportation more than the traveling itself.

    Traveling is good. They say world is like a book and if you have not traveled you have read only one page of that book.

    Traveling gives us an opportunity to know different culture, traditions, meeting new people and more.. The beauty of nature(Kashmir, Kerala etc),the sunrise and Sunsets @ beaches. the Forts and the architecture of that time. Their is so much to know,experience and enjoy.

    Start exploring world, believe me it's beautiful.

  3. @nippu...just for my sake...for once try and trvel from lucknow to bareilly or vice versa in general coach and then give me your feedback for all the factors you stated above!

  4. @vipul...true...i hate the means of transportation basically and that made me nostalgic towards traveling as well..! And i have never been to those beautiful places as well :(

  5. @supriya

    Then save money and start traveling......... I mean THE REAL TRAVELING

  6. should...only then about the world you will know-Yoda on Travel
    You should..really travel around.Earth is such a beautiful place to see and feel..If you got lost in the woods keep walking..keeping in mind that the earth is round and you cant really be lost when you are moving around in circles.

    pack your bags and goooooooooooo!!!!

  7. @vipul..surely..if i'll get some time..but still that won't be exactly MY IDEA OF FUN..!!

  8. @sorcerer...alright..alright..i got it! :)

  9. @supriya

    Can you grade a dish without tasing it?

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  11. Nice blog with good posts... loved it. Can u please give ur email id for some clarifications???? Mail me on

  12. @prashanth...thanks for your appreciation!


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