DAY 145 (Dats what I called painful...!)

People find different ways to hurt the ones who care for them. They get so inhuman that it amazes me of their once-existed humanity.

On one hand, when you have tried to live with few important facts of your life no matter how hard and impossible they are....on the other, you are continuously reminded of them in the name of a A KIND ADVICE.

If you have a broken heart, how if your ex comes to cry on your shoulder for his new girlfriend who has just left him?
If you are feeling lonely since long, what if your mom takes out all her office burden on you by scolding you on every little thing you do?
If your boss has been torturing you with inhuman workload, what if you get sick on top of it...and at that day, you are made to work for 14 hours a day?

And all this can happen. It actually happens many a times. And thats when you go in deep pain. Pain which cannot be explained and if tried will lead to just some giggles and "how-silly-of-you" comments. So its better to shut up and feel the blue. Time will heal it all.


  1. Time heals everything di...:)
    Just have dogs attitude for such things..
    Piss on and move..

    I am going to start my new life. Need ur backup...:)



  2. @nipun....Nice one Nippu :) And ofcourse...I am always here to help you!


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