DAY 152 (Shocked...Disappointed...Scared...!!!)

I just got this hair-raising news of setting ablaze the senior district collector Yeshwant Sonawane by few mafia criminals. And I am hell shocked and numb! Is it a shame? ...A terror? ...A slap on the face? What is it actually? 

People are saying that he is a martyr now. Is he? I don't think so. He just is a poor victim of few inhuman and powerful mafia dons who believe that India and Indians are fond of dictatorship. They do whatever they want because according to them, its their turn to become the majesty! And thats the reason they didn't even think twice before committing such a horrendous crime. Probably, they believe people will say, may be scream, media will get a good news, it'll be the headlines for few days...and then what? Everyone would move on!

Would we? Can we?

Its so easy to close your eyes to avoid the world....and believing that since you are not facing them, they can't see you either. Running away, avoiding and then moving on is not the solution. It has never been. There is something called a reality check. Its a senior government official today. Tomorrow it might be you or your friend/family. And if this is something so easy to avoid, imagine the convenience to kick out the news of a commoner like you

All I wanna say is...that the criminals have gotten to be so free because they know that ultimately it becomes a nation of deaf and dumb. Everyone thinks what can I do or how would I make a difference. But every bit counts. Every effort is valued.

I wrote a blog. You can do something else. Atleast start off. Not just for what happened today but also for what all can happen in future. We are not dumb or deaf. We have senses and a dozen a**holes can't be our rulers. Lets get united. Lets make India a real Republic nation.

PS- Happy Republic Day in advance.


  1. u r right. i was also shocked after hearing this inhuman act.

  2. @anonymous... whoever you are...if you really feel it, them please do your bit for it. Our nation needs it.

  3. awsum writing!!!!....m glad that there are some adroit writers lyk u who r concerned n invoking patriotism in every soul!!!...thnks n salute!!

  4. @karan...Thanks for reading and joining the cause! Happy Republic Day.


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