DAY 150 (The rules of writing...)

By now, anyone who has ever read any of my posts must be knowing that I just love to write! I can write simple stuff, crazy stuff, sensible stuff, insensible stuff, personal stuff, impersonal stuff or anything...just anything. Nothing restricts my writing...not even myself and I am proud of it!

There have been times when people have guided me as to what to write, when to put a full stop or a comma at the least. But I don't all... and then again I feel proud of myself. :D

I always believe that its you who know what do you love and how do you love it? People have different opinions because they love in a different way. But they don't understand that for seeing/finding what they love, they have to work for themselves. No one else would serve them on the platter. They can appreciate or discourage whatever they read. But they can't suggest what the writer should write. And thats because he/she is a WRITER. And he/she chose to be so for his/her own satisfaction. A writer would love if his writing gets appreciated. But that can never be his/her soul purpose for writing. Thats a mere perk..nothing more!

I am not pointing anyone here. If anyone reading this thinks that I wrote it for them....then I insist not to think too high of yourself! Because its not about me. Its something which I have noticed in general. And thus I just wanted to share my opinion. No offence intended!

PS- Wishing everyone a very Happy Lohri! :D


  1. I know it's good feed back that motivates you to write more and more of good stuff here...There is sense within each word you pen down here...Do what ever your heart says..Because only Cristal clear views outflow from heart...And I enjoy your posts...Cheers!

  2. very clearly conveyed dat one shld believe oneself in all walks of life..BPL's tagline suits best.."Believe in d Best"..nd dats onself..went through sme of ur posts..wld love 2 read more..

  3. @atul gupta... thank you phuphaji! :)

  4. @vijaya..thanks...that means a lot! :)

  5. always feels good to find a new reader! welcome :)


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