DAY 109 (Straight from the heart...!!)

Well....there is a long story why have I not been able to write up anything since so long. Nothing to describe much...just to be short and precise...there is some internet problem at my place.

Anyway...moving is smooth since the time I have started working. Things are going just pretty well. But  the energy which the readers might be missing in my writing right now is because my Life-line "AKANSHA" is in Switzerland. I just miss her like hell. You know sometimes you become so dependent and a person becomes such an integral part of your life that you can't even manage to survive in his/her absence. Thats precisely the case with me.

Life doesn't look normal without hearing from her everyday. I miss the small little things we share after every 4-5 hours....the small irritations...the illogical fights...catching every tear dropped from the eyes....sharing the joy and excitement....and just EVERYTHING..!!!

Life is quite a still at the present state but I am just overwhelmed by her success. She is finally there where she deserves to be. And thats the best part.

I just wish her all the love and luck.....and hope that life brings many more pleasant things in store for her.
And no need to say...that this post is totally dedicated to her!

I miss you Akansha...
Main jahan rahu...
main kahin bhi hu...
teri yaad saath hai...
bas yaad saath hai....!!!


  1. awwwwwwwwww... dont worry... she will be back soon...

  2. :)
    I knw ur luv for her..
    She misses u by the same amt for sure..
    Just have sum faith and patience..:)



  3. As you know that to achieve something,there has to be some sacrifice...this is the sacrifice that you are making for your friend's success.Moreover,in the present net-connected world,distances have no meaning.So,cheer up and let me tell you that your friend will be with you shortly.

  4. @nippu...thanks nippu...long time..humari bhi baat nai ho payi....!

  5. @atul gupta....thanks phuphaji....but the thing is that net is the soul problem right now...! anyway..thanks for your wishes..!


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