DAY 108 (Here I am...once again!!)

Well..I was chatting online with my ANALYSIS FRIEND yesterday after a long...long time. We were talking casually when he enquired as to why don't I write everyday now. I gave him the same answer that I gave it to you people on my 100th post . But he was not convinced. What he said in return shook me inside out. He said that these are all excuses for not being able to do what I love to do. I denied once and twice and then I gave up because somewhere I thought may be he was right. Whenever we are unable to do the things we like.. we find an easy out by blaming the most feasible option as available.

But what to do....still its how the way it is!!! it was the start of a new weekend it was meant to be full of masti and dhamaal. And indeed it was! We had a party on saturday where "we" refers to I and my few colleagues. We celebrated one of our friend's birthday by watching a movie together and then going for dinner. It was ultimate fun. We had the time of our lifetime.

And today since it was mother's day...I and my sis gifted  a card to mom and went to meet Dadi as well. It was a great day too. Although Dadi is quite unwell but I tried my best to make her feel better.

A few days more...and then Akansha will be here in Lucknow too. I hope we have a great time. She will be leaving for Switzerland after staying for a week here...and then 2 months almost without any talk. That is gonna be damn hard! But we both will manage...I am sure.

Chao guys...


  1. u are found nowhere these days..:(
    Kahan gayab ho yaar?
    Daadi will get alryt..:)
    Lots of celebrations these days..:)
    Akansha ji is leaving..:(




  2. take care of dadi ji...

    and i agree with your analysis friend (didnt u change his name to something else, btw). No excuse is enough for not doing something that u love doing.. Okay.. that rings a bell... I gotta do so many things then...(which includes leaving my office).. :D

  3. actually hum apne vyast samaaj mein is kadar fans jaate hain ki apni manpasand kaamo ko pura karne ka shayad waqt nahi milta...jaise ki main choti choti kavitayen likhne ka shauk rakhta hun, lekin kaam ke wajah se fursat nahi mil paati....

    but we should try to do things we like most :)

    and its great...aapne mothers day pe aunty ji ko wish kiya...main thoda introvert hun...mothers day pe blog post to likh diya lekin maa ko wish nahi kar paya...subah maa ne call bhi kiya lekin chah ke bhi keh nahi paya ki happy mothers day mom....

    and dadi ji jald hi theek ho jayengi...fikr na karen :)

  4. @nipun...main hu to yahi...par beta tum shaitani kam karo...!! i'll give the explanation of "manage" some other day..!!

  5. @chanz...yes dear i did change his name..but then later on..somehow "analysis friend" gained more!!! so thats why.. :D

  6. comin here after a long time..
    nice to see you back in action on the blog..

  7. @sorcerer...thanks sorcy..!!

  8. aaj aise hi ghumte firte yahan aa gaya...lekin ab tak 1 bhi post nahi...seems thoda busy hain aajkal aap :)

  9. @abhi....i am nt able to access internet from my home....there is some problem...thats why no updates...


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