DAY 117 (Yipppieee.....Dippppieeee.....Tag time..!!!)

Wuhooooooooooooo.....I am suddenly feeling so refreshed! You wanna know why? Because I have been my one of the dearmost followers ...chanz ! I thank her so very much..!
And now coming to the tag..
Well...the 9 things which I have worn the most... this kurti...which was gifted to me by my dear..dear Dadi...! I have never ever been more comfortable in anything else. And I just love it..!

Second is this....pair of jeans...I have almost worn it on every other chance I get. And I love the t-shirt with it undoubtedly...!!

This pullover as Akansha says it..."My trademark..!" I just love it...Muaaaah...

This kurti is from Fabindia...I love the brand..and I love the person (My chachi) even more who has gifted this to me...! Once again one of my most comfortable outfits...!!

 One of my most prized posessions...A FASTTRACK.. I got it by my Dad...when I was just about to complete my engineering...!

This is my best my it has inside it everything I need..!!!

Now wait up....! Nothing happened to my dressing sense...but this was my college dress...! I couldn't help it...but this is a fact that I have worn it more than anything else....!!

The most comfortable payjamas and t-shirt..! I get into them as soon as I get back home..!

Well...the 9th my WESTSIDE SLIPPERS.. which I bought a couple of years ago. I don't have a pic of them...and can't really click one right now too. But let me describe it to you. They are maroon coloured...flat and quite comfortable to wear. I have walked a thousand miles in them...!!

So thats it.
I loved finding all these pictures for this post. And I wish that the number was a bit higher than 9.

But anyways..
Feel free to be tagged after reading this post. Any of you may answer this whoever is interested. I don't want it to be repetition for its open for all..!!


  1. Hi . Joined blogger recently .Talking baby steps of self realisation :-D
    Nice background u have used for ur blog, makes me want 2 pinch it n use for mine.

  2. @saurab...sure go ahead...n welcum to d blog world...!!

  3. Thats a lot of things..
    Nice pics di..



  4. @nipun..thanks you..!! :)

  5. smart way of doin tags... :)

  6. @ease..hehehe...thanks dude..!!


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