DAY 112 (In search of some relief...!!)

Stop stupid grey little cells...!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...!!! What the F***??? Are these things deaf ? It seems so.

You know somethings look very complicated at first glance but then once you step realize its really simple. But then these crazy grey things make you think over and over again as if how come they got to be so simple now? Isn't that insane? Yes it is. And the irony is that I am one amongst those fools who lies in this specialization of insanity. And God forbid...if those "so-called simple issues" get complicated once again then...what happens to my head is unimaginable. I can't really comment on whether its good or not. But its definitely not giving me any joy / happiness.

Well...I know its my own problem and I gotta solve it on my own. But scribbling just makes me feel light. As if....its not creepy any more. It has been shared.

I have been advised many a times to improvise on the sentimental part of mine. But I just go helpless. Anyway...thats how it is. And thats how it will be...

I hope that I find some relief soon...! Chao till then...


  1. Sorry to be missing from your blog Supriya. Was busy with exams. Feels great to be back in touch with everyone again

  2. @farida....welcome back farida...!!

  3. Sit back, Relax and think... u'll find the answer

  4. @chanz...i'll try and follow your advice dear..thanks so much..!


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