DAY 114 (Balancing..) here I am back again..!! First of all...thank you so much in advance...because I know you all are gonna love this template... :D

And now coming back to myself...
Well...things are parallely rough and smooth in life. And like a good girl, I am enjoying both sides of the coin. I am learning a lot and at the same time I have learnt to forget a lot too. And you I have realised how important both the aspects are! You can neither make your brain a dumping bag nor can you leave it just empty. And with get to learn to balance both the things.

Although,there are some side effects at times as well. For cannot be yourself at times or maybe you have to contradict your intution as well. But if you trust me...its worth taking the risk! Chose things to just avoid and step up and dare to preserve few things as well.

You the end of the'll be satisfied! And thats what important..right?

PS- Yippppieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....for FIFA world cup 2010...
And I love the Shakira waka waka track for FIFA....(Please check it out ..if you haven't done it still..!!!)
Hope to have a great time this FIFA..!!!


  1. u dont seem too happy...

    anything wrong..??

    do i smell some kind of a compromise or something..??

  2. dear..not exactly..! don't worry..!

  3. Life is a roller gear up....!!!!!

  4. @atul gupta...yup you are right..! m all geared up..!


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