DAY 118 (A random scribble..)

Well....A random scribble once again...!!

Hmm..I was just thinking today...that everyday can be an exclusive memory for any of us. But that depends only if we allow ourselves to think that way....behave that way! By allowing I mean...
Allowing ourselves to get inspired everyday...
Allowing ourselves to feel special everyday..
Allowing ourselves to love and be loved....
Allowing ourselves to feel how blessed we are..
Allowing ourselves to accept the positivity around us...

Life is just so beautiful...
A bad, tiring and dull day can also be one of your best days. Its just how you wanna feel it?
I know its a just a scribble..May be you guys are gonna read it and then close it without giving it a thought. But if you have just one extra minute...please take the pain...
This 1 minute pain may turn a bad day to a remarkably amazing day for you..!!
Have a nice evening..!!


  1. Life is indeed beautiful, once you realize its value.
    nice scribble.

  2. You know what... the picture you have chosen complements what you have written..

    Life is beautiful, for sure..

  3. @chanz...thnks so much dear...!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Right.. and that's why I say--

    "The way you dress-up, the way you look,
    The way you take life , the way it seems......"

  6. @vipul...thanks for dropping in your comments..!

  7. I stubbled across your site and was taken back a bit...I have been going through some real struggles and your site reminded me that I am blessed today. Thank you for your scribble. Be blessed. Debbie

  8. @debbie...there can no bigger reward than touching the life of one your readers! I feel blessed to have been able to gift you with a smile...May god bless you always!
    PS- I hope to get more comments from you in my further posts :)

  9. Hi Supriya,

    I've enjoyed your reading your blog and is now following you. Would you like to follow me too?

    Please feel free to check out my blog at

    Cheers and stay happy!

  10. @moon..thanks for being a follower moon! I went through your blog and found it really we are co-followers now! :)


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