DAY 116 (Just a piece of crap....!!)

Writing is something so pleasant that nothing on the earth can ever replace it for me. And so here I am once feel the best...the lightest....the free-falling soul..! health is quite on a loose right now...(just viral...coz of this stupid weather!) so maybe I won't be in the best of my writings today but I just wanna make it a freestyle one purposely. Lets see how it goes.

Well...working is a whole new experience altogether (and I believe...that I am being redundant here...OHHHH...these stupid medicines...!). I have a set routine....for the whole week...and a good whole lot of enjoyment in the trailing weekend henceforth. Life is going smooth...and rugged ..both at the same time.

I miss being myself at times. I enjoy being the happy-go-lucky all the time.
I miss crying at the moment I want to. I enjoy making others laugh when they really need it.
I miss having every single second in my hand to vacate myself just through one call (and thats to Akansha..of course). I enjoy waiting for her to come online every night.
I miss just writing and reading which I always wanted to be. I enjoy finding time in all the hectic schedules to still be persistent in those things today.
I miss having the liberty to fall sick anytime I want to and not worrying about the time duration to recover. I enjoy being trying to take care of myself so that I don't fall sick at I can't afford it..!
I miss being a regular blogger. I enjoy managing time to somehow spit out all the accumulated stuff as soon as I can... on this wonderful corner.

Well....thats how it is. Thats how I am these days. Maybe its just my sickness thats making me write so haphazardly. But I know...there will still be some forever-readers to give me liberty of  publishing and making them read this crap as well.

And my love to all of them...!!!! :)


  1. All I can say is GEt well sooon Di..

    Een i miss u at my place and I enjoy reading ur comments..:(



  2. @nipun..all i can say is..i am so sorry nippu..i really am...

  3. i miss u too on ma blog but I enjoy letting you know that you have been tagged...


    get well soon sweety...

  4. @chanz...ohhh..really???...m honoured..!! thanks babe..!


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