DAY 113 (A beautiful scribble...!)

Well...this is something which is not written by me. But there is this friend of mine....whom I saw scribbling this beautiful little thing. And thus with due permission of her (sorry.. I can't reveal her name because thats the condition of granting the permission)..I would like to share it with you guys as well. And I hope you like it.

Sometimes, you just let things go away. You dedicate yourself,your affection,your care,your loyalty,just everything to ONE PERSON. Someone who seems to be your long-awaited dream. Someone who is just the way he was supposed to be. Someone who is your ultimate you strength and at the same time becoming your weakness. His happiness makes you smile and when he frowns, you lose control over your mind. Whenever you try to do something for him, it always falls short of your expectations. You try and make everything and everyday as special as it could be and you are ready to go through all transformations head over heels which are supposedly necessary for that one little smile. You  imagine your future... kicking out your past and become too busy to handle your present. You devote every single breath and every single heartbeat to him

And then...when you have gone out from the true world disowning all worldly pleasures and your world is just in his arms and in that husk of his voice...someone shakes you like hell to tell you that the so-called-obvious future does not exist at all. That smile was never yours....that husk was just an echo in the back of your mind. Those arms never intended to give you that warmth and thus obviously those dreams were just a part of your schizophrenic nature. But,yes one thing is real. You definitely have been kicked out from the true world...the real people. And all of them are laughing their heart out to see you paralysed. And still you hope...that this part of the story is just a nightmare and you are gonna get out of it. You still wait for him to come and protect you from these evil souls. But days,months and years pass waiting by the doorside for him. Your tears have dried on your cheeks and there is no more of them left. But you wanna cry more. You wanna scream and call out his name and you wanna make that shrill voice reach every corner of the world. Then at times,you gather yourself up and try to be a part of the world. But every other time you get a harder kick which reminds you of what you did to them. You try and persuade him again and again to build those dreams again,to live life together and what irony that you are kicked by him as well. He himself tells you that you were never worth of him.....your efforts were never worth his concern. You were never made for him. And he just played with you...just like that! He asks you to get off it and move on and that it was never that important. And you feel too dumb to make him understand the value of those breaths of his name inside you,the essence of those heartbeats which beat for him. You just watch him go away. 

And you still wait for him today.....


  1. Obvsly ppl r gonna lyk it..n so do i...btw a personal ques. by ny chance dis relate 2 u too huh...reply if u feel lyk sweetie

  2. We can't explain life. It has unlimited colors..

  3. Human relationships can't be put in black & white.There have to be grey areas too...

  4. @neha...thanks for the appreciation dear..!

  5. are right phuphaji...!

  6. @abhay...thank you very much..!


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