DAY 115 (In search of an answer....)

Well....I don't know if I am gonna sound like a cry-baby here...but I just can't be dishonest in my writing. Not feeling purely an incidental thing. No one can explain it or its reasons. It just happens. And when it does...what all the people surrounding you should do is...JUST BE SUPPORTIVE! Is that too much to ask? Actually...probably it is!

Why? times you need someone to ask you..about what happened...and at other just wanna be left alone. You can't predict it even yourself that what kind of expectation is the next one gonna be? You always pity yourself in such situations...whether you are on the culprit's side (the one who is expecting from people) or from the victim's side (the one who is being expected from). Thats the easiest way out. But is it the right way out?

I haven't known the answers from years. Have you?


  1. Try to be all times....

  2. Sometimes, it helps to be alone.. that is what I have learnt..

  3. @chanz...true..i have experienced the same many a times as well..!

  4. At times,you need to be still.Life goes around so fast that when you sit down and think it seems you haven't spent time on you.That's when you should be with the "real you".

  5. wait and watch is the mantra..!
    Whenever i am going through such a difficult situation, i prefer to remain silent for some time and avoid confrontation. its always better to keep mum than to spoil the things by adding fuel to the fire in anger.


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