DAY 218 (Confessions of a "Tomboy"..!)

I am a "tomboy" and I have a few confessions to make.

First of all we don't like being called "tomboy" because it sounds ridiculous and god knows who the hell invented this great word. Secondly, the person should have been gender-unbiased and should have created the same male title for it too..maybe a "timgirl"..!! They call men who have some "feminine" activities or likings as "gays". Now if the guy is gay, he doesn't care, no matter what the reason is for them to call him that but he is okay being a gay. On the other hand, if he isn't a gay, he would just prove it to them someday, by having a girlfriend, or getting married... having kids and leading a happy life without a male partner. For a "tomboy" girl, she might die with the same tag.

But, we ..whom you entitle as tomboy and smile over it...I want to give you a moment of truth here.
You chose to call us "tomboy" because we might not have a nailpaint on our nails, mascara on our eyelashes, lipstick on our lips and we are wearing a shirt instead of a deep neck top. Has it ever occured to you that its just that we might have other priorities in life and better way of consuming our time than doing all of this (one of the better ways is to write this blog! ). Also, biologically we are exactly the same like any other girl. We also have male partners, marry them, have babies with them. We also have the monthly woes, which any other non-tomboyish girl has. Yes, we might like playing PS4 more than matching ourselves from head to toe for the next day. We might just wrap our hair into a ponytail instead of brushing them for hours and thus saving ourselves from the men's curses of being late all the time. We might like to do our work on our own instead of asking a guy to open a jam of jar of them. We might not be "in pink" 24*7 and prefer black/blue most of the time.

Where the hell are we wrong here?!!

More ridiculous is..when female call other females as tomboy!! Well..I have to write another blog for that part because one thing might lead to another to express my anger for it.

But..for the general part of it..I want to tell those guys that some girls end their lives..they suicide for being tagged and teased with the title of "tomboy" throughout their life! Maybe unlike me everything about them is boyish except their heart. Their bloody heart must have chosen to be a girl's instead of being cold-blooded! I thank god....that I am "tomboyish" even at my heart.

Your humour may not be humorous all the time dude! And yes..I called you a dude..go ahead and stamp my "tomboyishness" for life. If thats what you term it, I am not ashamed of it.


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