DAY 171 (Just an attempt ...)

Time grows a lot of things inside you. Submissiveness is one of them. For me, it has grown in abnormal counts. I am a normal person of innumerable and serious incapabilities. I like to be dependent and often the dependence disappoints me. I feel good to be loved...bad to be hated. My love for some very special people of my life is unconditional. I expect a lot and accept the fact the least number of times. I cry...I get disappointed...I fail...I succeed...I seek happiness...and I await a good day everyday.
That all gift-wraps me into a common person's box. But still...I like to be considered outstanding.

I know days are never the same...neither are the moods. I know there is a thing called impulse. And I know that I am bad at handling it. Today I am just in the mood of being a part of all my flaws. Being with my drawbacks and giving myself a shoulder when everyone else's needs an explanation longer than this blogpost.

There is not a single person in the entire universe who is 100% synced to another one. But everyone wants that tuning.
There is no such day of all the days of one's lifetime when you haven't done anything wrong. But everyone falls short of the imperfect moments when it comes to confession.

Its not "the big confession day" for me either. But yes...there is one thing which I know....
Till the time I am with myself...I am alive, breathing, surviving, living...


  1. simply awesome....
    i can connect it to myself....

  2. @maverick...thanks Maverick! ..Its one of my personal favorites too ..


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