DAY 170 (Crazy Days...)

I hate it when I become a mystery to myself. Its so irritating to be unpredictable. You just never know whats gonna happen in the next second. How are you going to react to a simple gesture or a major incident?

But when I try to rethink on it after few hours or maybe few days...I find out that there is always a reason behind such unknowing days. Reasons which are there in your unconscious mind but you are just not bothered to deal with it. And when you want to give them attention...they are lost in the web of your thoughts and you become a mystery to yourself.

It might be anything...missing someone, getting an unexpected reaction from a close friend, failing in something you thought you would be able to do, just a bad really can be anything!

And ignoring it as soon as it pops up in your mind results in this-
You go crazy unreasonably.

And its even more irritating when people around you start behaving even more mysteriously. You are in a foul mood...they give you a worse one of theirs.

And then you really wanna run out of everyone's sight.

Sometimes I man really a social animal???
Probably HE is...
But women...
Women are surely not.. :P


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