DAY 173 (Life = Maze)

Life has made me lost my way "n" number of times. And every-time I could find a way out to the maze. No matter how much time it took me to solve the puzzle but I did make through. That confidence has kept me going since then.

Sometimes I wonder how is it possible to be so many different paths to the same life. Or is it my hallucination? But no hallucinations and no is right there..naked in front of you. The only challenge is to get to it...nothing more and nothing less.

Is it..?
Can it..?
All these are very obvious questions. I have seen people getting scared at the mere thought of these questions popping up in their mind. But there is nothing to fear till this. The fear actually should arrive when there pops up a "what to a what" or a "why to a why".

Then is when you went deeper into the mess. That is when you might get screwed. But then again for every level down there is always a level up.

All you have to do is to lead your own way.

PS- Trespassing not allowed! :-)


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