DAY 172 (No way out...!)

There are times when I get too itchy to know the truth. No matter even if I know that it is gonna hurt might keep me thinking...but still the thought doesn't let me sleep till I settle down with an answer. Now thats a different fact that the answer makes me insomniac.

Sometimes it gets too important to know where are you going? Is it making any difference? Has it changed anything? Does it matter to the other person with the same intensity? Have you been able to express yourself? Does the other person realises your love...your commitment towards him/her?

And then when you gather the courage to take a stand to know....and finally get the answer....this blogpost happens!

I have always been an over-thinking kind of species. Someone who likes to see the nano-particles of the object too. Someone who goes in the nth dimension possible so that it is ensured that nothing is missed...nothing which could have been the {pessimistic} case.

Either there should be just "anxiety to know" or "leaving it as it is whatever might be the answer".

For a complex person like is always "both". Initially I need to know and then I wish if I wouldn't have asked.

Sometimes its just a few sleepless nights...sometimes it gets to my nerves to get it get the way it should be.

I hope I find a way out...coz tranquilizers need a prescription these days!


  1. Although we are well within our rights to be inquisitive about the world around us,I am afraid that it is not possible to change it much...especially the people around do keep that in mind...Good Night....!!!

  2. @phuphaji..well it was not about the was totally about me. I am indecisive of what I want and this creates a vicious circle..


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