DAY 250 (The disadvantage of a sane husband)

So there is this big disadvantage of having a super-good husband. The whole world starts treating you more moronically than you actually are.

Be it your family. The same set of family who were really not sure of making him their son-in-law, now in every unbeatable argument of mine punches back saying, let us talk to him about it, he will understand. He is more matured.

Those set of friends. For any stupid or I-don't-care topics if I am not agreeing with them as much as they want, they want him to be dragged. It does not matter if he has a background also or not. It does not matter that it will take all the more time to get him on the same page. And it does not even matter if he is interested also or not. But since he is supposed to be The Right Person, he has to come in.

Every decision of mine has to be discussed with him according to public vote. Every advice that I seek and ask only a certain set of people comes back saying, don't ask us, you have such a great husband, whatever he says will be right for you ! Mind you those examples also include my specific field of work for which I would expect advice from those specific set of people who have given more years than me in this field. Being in IT industry doesn't mean your field and area of work is same!

Guys, let me just remind you, you used to talk/discuss all these things with me for 28 years of my life when he was not there. He or anyone else never needed to be the referee or the judge. You became my friends with these vulnerabilities of mine and I took all the decisions alone all these times and they turned out just fine. Infact, the decision of choosing him and bringing him to your lives was also mine! And I guess I was a much better judge than you all back then.

So stop getting me the hell out of my mind and making me write these blogs. He is a super-good husband and a great human being but there must be something common which is why we are happily married and living together. If he was so sane and I was so insane, it would have never worked. So there is a little crazy in him that you can't see and there is a lot more sane in me that you can't just beat it ! :P 


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