DAY 156 (Step up and lead..!!!)

I know there have been thousands of blog-posts on the topic already and I am certainly not going to write anything new here. But being itched to write on something and not getting a chance to do so has compelled me to do my 'bit'!

Anna Hazare....a man who completed my wish of living pre-1947 and being a part of India...I mean a true part! He who compelled me to think beyond office, friends, relatives, facebook...and even World Cup! He who gave me the honour of watching the history being created! He who told me that the citizenship to a country doesn't only mean a Passport or Voter ID card.

What he did doesn't need to be reminded. On the contrary, it would be unforgettable for hundreds of generations ahead. What needs to be reminded is...a 71-year old man is bearing the weight of 1,155,347,678 people out of which 40% is us...the youth! Shame on us that a man who gave us independence 64 years ago has again taken the initiative of gifting us freedom. 

'Following' him is not 'all' or 'just' that can be done by us. Its high time to take the lead. Get inspired from our old-age revolutionists and bring a new revolution. Let them be in peace now as they have done much more than enough for each and everyone of us. Its time we give people like Anna a confidence that we are here to save the nation...and we will be there always. Nationality as defined by Hazare has to be re-written and slapped on the faces of those who forget it. Its not just a fight against corruption or politicians and its neither just a support for Anna Hazare. Its a tribute to all those who have fought for the nation and saved us from drowning and its a promise that we will fight back just as they did for us...whenever needed!
Step up and be a responsible Indian..!!!


  1. people should make the government accountable and we should make sure that all of our friends and acquaintances go out and vote.

    and we youngsters should go into politics rather than say "i am not interested in politics" which rather translates into "i am uninterested in the development of my nation"

    and finally The Indian Constitution which is heralded for its fineness should be read and taught from schools...

  2. @funk Priest....I totally second that!


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