DAY 157 (Beauty- something totally abstract!!!)

I have seen people who crave for love, care, friendship, attention and what not! All I fail to understand is how can they 'crave' for it? All these beautiful emotions are earned. They can not be 'snatched from' or 'hide within'. But those who fail to understand their value are at permanent loss in life.

Trying to define such beautiful moments/experiences seconds the list of blunders. It juices out all the flavours of the rainbow it creates and people again misunderstand it with their misfortune!

Some things are just not meant to be elaborated. They are felt, enriched, nourished and then multiplied to revert back to the one who blessed you with it. They are just beautiful and beauty can't be touched or created. Stop running after them and they'll follow you effortlessly.

Enjoy being loved, cared, being the bestest friend to someone and getting pampered! Don't try to answer.. What if...When will...or Why not!!! Just close your eyes and breathe......


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