DAY 165 (From then to when...???)

I remember a time when knowledge was fun for me. Being intelligent was my idea of boasting. Falling sick for a day made me sicker when I realized that I won't be allowed to go to school today. When 'Library hour' was actually 'Library hour' and when time was packed!

And now...knowledge gaining is just about what is required. It becomes a liability to be aware about things. Life is too busy to enjoy music, watch movies or if nothing...just lay idle.

I can't compare the phases. Because the scenario is too difficult to recreate. But then...something has changed. Something has either upgraded/downgraded. But there has definitely been a change.

At times, I wonder if this all means that I have changed. I do not realize when my habits overpower my persona...and ... I am swapped!

All I feel is that small things create big differences at times. Differences which should not differ us from the last time we understood ourselves.

Rest of the life is just awesome! :-)


  1. One must enjoy life in all its phases.....and take life as it comes....with age comes greater responsibilities and work...hence the paucity of time,as compared to childhood,when we had fewer responsibilities,if any.

    Looking back,any day one would long for the childhood for its carefreee days....but,to put it in a nutshell......THAT IS LIFE!!!!

    Wishing You ALL THE BEST with the hope that you will continue to attain greater heights in the time to come!!!

  2. hey....m following ur post since inception...u write sense and u are good at it.....keep it up...!!!

  3. @atul gupta...thanks phuphaji :)

    @sachii....thanks a ton...hope to see you more! :)


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