DAY 177 (Along the Journey..!)

You always know the statistical fact. The "What is right" and "What is wrong" fact. But still your heart ruins it all. You go the wrong way...they way where you know that you have been bruised and wounded earlier. You have had a pretty painful experiences along that way in the past but you still wanna go that track. And once again...your hope loses and you get a kick again. This wound makes you cry a little more than the last time but still you are not sure if you don't wanna continue walking.

A day would probably come when your heart and your body would not be left with an unmarked spot to hit upon. And by then it might get too late. Your immunity might have died. And your life might be on the verge of giving up. You would blame others ..the ones ...the rarest ones who have not hit you even once all the have not stopped you from being hurt. But then they also knew that if they would have stopped would have added them in your "people who hurt you" list. So they chose to stand by you to heal your wounds rather than stopping you from being wounded.

All in all....its no one who was wrong.
Not you....who just followed the heart.
Not the people who hurt you...who were honest...just as they were since the beginning. It was you who didn't want to accept it.
And definitely not those who were standing by after all this....coz they were the healers!

It was just a path...which you had to cross to complete the journey of life. 


  1. gazab ka likha hai yaar...
    feeled cnctd.....

    sometimes chosing wrong things makes the jrny wrth it, eithr in frm of love or hurt...
    and it is totaly crct 2 say:-
    "It was just a path...which you had to cross to complete the journey of life."

  2. @maverick.. thank you dear! :)


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