DAY 180 (Eve-teasing...)

There are probably 90% females out there who have suffered from eve-teasing atleast once in their lifetime. Some of them ignore the humiliation thinking it is not as severe as sexual exploitation, violence, rape or murder. But I believe there is no less humiliation in eve-teasing.

There is also another thinking that the dressing sense of a lady invites men to hit on her or humiliate her publicly. But I ask...why???

If it is a country of equal genders, then shouldn't it be vice-versa too then? Shall girls also start commenting or harrasing men wearing shorts, vests or any other so-called "inviting" attire? It sounds disgusting and funny ..right?  So it does  when guys do it to girls. It is as ridiculous, disgusting and funny.

 Another reason why this problem prevails is that women rely on men to protect them in such situations. They might retaliate to some extent but ultimately they somehow feel that they are the weaker sex. This strengthens the eve-teasing criminals. Why the hell should we rely on the same sex which exploits us? Why shouldn't we make ourselves capable enough to fight back. It is not necessary to be capable enough physically but there are other means too. Leaving such jerks thinking that nothing can be done is a bigger crime. Reach back to the nearest police station, a guard or any other security official. Do your bit. Don't rely and think that someone else will take the stand for you. And don't step back if the person whom you relied upon does nothing for you. Its their weakness...not yours.

Women need to respect themselves. They deserved to be valued and respected. Humiliation should never be accepted at any cost.

Eve-teasers are just road-side morons who have never had a kind enough upbringing to understand their limits. They need to be taught. And if we can be mothers, wives, sisters, daughters...then why we can't be teachers to these failures? Think about it. Lets teach them a lifetime lesson!


  1. this is soo true! n being in a city like delhi..u have to learn to fight back. I remember after an incidence, i added police's no. on my phone's speed dail, n ordered pepper spray online, n for the four days that it took to be delivered, i carried a huge knife with me :P all along wanting that person to come again, n to teach him a life lesson! still waiting for that moron

  2. I can totally imagine your anger and hatred for that jerk..!!! I too am going through the same..! x-(

  3. Actually Sonal is correct about Delhi, if you don't fight back then those goons will keep hit on you but once you fight back they disappear like a rat.

  4. I can completely relate! There have been so many times that i've faced such incidents and it can be downright scary! I was so fed up of eve teasing in Chandigarh that i decided to start a chapter of Hollaback here. Hollaback is based in USA and works to fight against eve teasing or street harassment. It would be great if you could share such incidents on our delhi chapter's website ( or even on our chandigarh site ( and encourage others to speak up.

    1. thanku Rubina...I visited the web-pages and they are a great forum. I will try and spread the awareness to my level best. For starters...I am sharing my own story on the delhi link.

    2. Thanks a lot Supriya! I just read your post and it's really encouraging that you're speaking up now. Many of us have started accepting it as a way of life and sharing your story will help many other women share theirs and feel brave enough to react the next time they face harassment. :)


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