DAY 183 (Life is too fragile..!)

Sometimes you can't always have what you were supposed to have. It might be hard to accept but it happens with every other person that passes you by.

There are so many things that one thinks of going back and changing in the past though there is nothing that can be done about it. Unlucky are those who cannot do anything in present as well to compensate the damage. Then is when things get devastated for them.

Life is a fragile thing. And it is too less to tag it just with "Handle with care". It is more fragile than even a snowflake. And the irony is that... a very handful of people understand that.

You see things slipping by your hand. You see life moving on. You see people growing up. Even relationships are not a permanent thing. They start, they grow and then they become so big that their roots have to be cropped in order to keep them alive!

Such is life...such is its fragility...!


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