DAY 186 (Life is a Bitch..! )

Ever wondered why you never get that ecstatic feeling even after putting your last drop of sweat to some work and completing it just on time?
Its because you work amongst this poor, stinking, full-of-politics, ungrateful and unappreciative bunch of assholes who will take your life with that crooked smile and choking amount of work and then forget about it and tell you your "points of improvements" the next day!!

Life is a bitch they say! True it seems. 'Cos once you enter IT industry...thats your life and that "life" is all about who is governing it and standing on your head!

I don't understand a simple logic. Why can't someone be honest. Simple. One word. One powerful and respectful word. HONEST.

Give the person exactly the amount back that he gave to your work. Be appreciative when he does something commendable. Be a guide when he is taking the wrong direction or lagging behind. Above HONEST with what you want from him.

Is it that difficult?

Telling the other person the truth of the nature of work you are assigning him and the truth of the nature of the result you expect from him.

What does it give you to beat around the bush and proving that the other person is an inferior just because he is your subordinate?

Show some respect and get respect in return. Isn't it simple enough?

And if you can't do the ones and hire only those who fall in your dog-shit category!!


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