Day 192 (Just another night...)

A cloudy Bangalore night. I see from my balcony...
Chilling breezes brushing cheeks every now and then. A saturday night it is...probably that is the reason that few houses still have their TV screens blinking from their windows. Beer shops still drizzling with happy customers. Dogs guarding every corner of the area. A couple taking a moon walk hand-in-hand. A beautiful half-moon peeping at me right above. Clouds skating from left to right. Crickets giving their attendance. Frogs singing out loud. It seems its about to rain. Suddenly, I notice that few cars are drenched already. Has it rained already? But how long have I been standing here? It did not rain..did it? Was I so lost? The roads are still dry. It has not rained. I am in my senses. Ohh..I get it! Its the cherry on the night's cake...its the dew! Wowww... Feels heavenly. Wait a minute. Something smelling too good it seems. But in the middle of the night..who the hell is cooking at this hour? Well...maybe my bachelor neighbour who is surviving on Maggi in the insomniac phase alongwith a collection of movies hibernating on his over-burdened Laptop drive. And... Someone is talking too. Gosh..these thin walls! No ..its not the walls. Its someone on the terrace. A guy taking timeout from his parents and talking to his girlfriend praying inside his heart probably that his parents don't wake up and find him here at this hour. Teenage! :-)
It is 12:30 am. Saturday night. Everything still so chirpy at this hour. Is it the city? The day of the week? Something I made up in my mind? What is it? How is it?
Chirpy from the description maybe...but still its not complete. I miss it being complete. What is it?


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