DAY 216 (In encouragement of women power...)

No matter how independent or strong you are. No matter how gender-unbiased you are. No matter how you think/talk about women-power or women-strength…being a part of this society since your birth makes you weak in mind. You talk about taking stands and talking for yourself. You talk about being your own protector…your own spokesperson. You talk about being a fighter as strength lies in your heart and not in your body…but still you are only just a theory.

This society breeds it inside you and makes you dependent on the male part of the society. You look upto them to take a stand for you. You want them to smash someone’s face who eve-teased you last night. You want them to be your spokesperson somewhere in your heart so that the audience might get a more effective impact.

Is it fair to yourself? Women are not weak. They need no strong shoulders to cry on. They can cope up all hurdles and survive through the worst. And they don’t even have to fight for it. Because it is the patience and inner strength of a female which fuels her energy. 

She can be moulded to any environment…socialise with any group of people….listen to everything that she doesn’t like to hear and still be herself. And there is no man who can do it for her or for that matter do it for himself. 

Women have that storehouse of energy…all they need is to spend it wisely on correct emotions and they are good to go...


  1. Why do u forget the adage"Behind every successful man,there is a woman"?It is not really "dependence" per se but "interdependence".....there are many things for which men are dependant on women also....."Best of Luck" to women's lib anyway!!!

    1. Didn't forget anything..but yeah have to remind few things sometimes :) Thanks for the wishes phuphaji.. :)

  2. Very well shared . Keep up the spark to make it shine across.

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