DAY 217 (Indian General Elections 2014 with Social Mobile apps)

It is the age of technology. The age of lack of time and overdose of curiosity. What we lack otherwise and don't think of it is how to make all this constructive. It is like a superpower that we have but we are waiting for a super-hero to come and show it off. But why not us?

Everyone of us has this authority and right to choose our representative. The one who will decide or be responsible for my community (infrastructure, maintenance), my child's future (education, background, facilities), my future (employment, industrial growth) and my country's development in the international progress chart.
On the other hand, in this generation, everyone of us has this other super-power called technology. I use it for facebook-ing, for spying on other people's lives, for showing off my own life, and the list goes on. And it all happens just on a single tap on my cell-phone anytime, anywhere (24x7). But does these actions of mine help my community in anyway? Naah..!! What does the society's progress has to do with all this? It won't help in any advancement.

So use it for good for once. Be a smart Indian rather than an "updated one". Those of us who choose to pay electricity bills, phone bills online now and use these ready-to-click mobile apps every now and then and we think that standing in queues in outdated since decades ago... here is your chance to just do this other "most" important stuff for a much greater good. This chance is to VOTE.

No need to stand in queue in freezing winters or burning hot summers. No need to waste a drop of your petrol/diesel. Just on the other tab to your gmail, facebook and twitter, click/tap to vote and #VoteForIndia .

Sounds good? Easy to do? Not a hassle anymore? I know it does. And guess what, it will promote you from an Indian to a responsible Indian too! Its a hell of a deal I must say.

So guys, let us join hands in creating a better India, an advanced nation and a developed country. Contribute your tap/click on the cost of nothing. Pledge to click this time. Pledge to vote.


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