DAY 235 (To, the man I lost and the man I have...)

There are some hard times which are hard enough to break you. Its a feeling of being lost. You cannot be saved because you feel doomed. Everything seems to have happened for good yet you don't want it to happen.

At such times, just a support of 1 person can help you revive. You can manage to cope up, live through. You manage to be just fine.

For me, that 1 person is my hubby.

I feel lucky enough to be with someone who unlike others, doesn't tell me how to pass through but he passes through with me in grave situations. His givings are endless and thats what helps me going. His support is unconditional which gives me strength to get up and get a handle on my life. He just manages to save me from drowning, pull me back from falling. He saves me back all the time and for that I am grateful.

Things happen at times on which we don't have a control. They happen coz they were meant to happen.

I lost my maternal grandfather yesterday. I admired his liveliness, his intelligence, his creativity. A lot of his is in me and for that I will be forever grateful. I believe with this legacy of his, a part of him will always be alive in me. He was a doctor, a poet and above all a man full of life. I have seen his determination towards curing his patients. I have seen his sensitivity towards the beautiful poems he used to pour on paper through his heart.

I have lost him and that is still difficult to accept. Its a grave feeling.

But, I am also grateful to have a man in my life who understands this graveness and who is helping me to live with it.

This was a writeup dedicated to the man I lost and the man I have....

I might not have given it good words to express but I am sure both of them will understand how much it means to me for both of them being a big part of my life...


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