DAY 237 (Birthdays....the celebration of life !)

Birthdays are just too big a deal for me. A bigger deal than getting married maybe ! I have this excitement which gets inside me when a birthday of anyone close to me is round the corner. And if its my birthday...just double the excitement level ! I have this feeling of celebrating this day as if its your first and last birthday celebration ever. You should be pampered like crazy. All your wishes should be obliged to. You should have dinner at fanciest of the places and there should be not even a minute in the day which makes you feel....regular.

I know many of you reading this will feel that you also have gone through this sometime ago but we were in school then. It ages out with age. Birthdays are there, celebration gets passive. But celebration and passiveness, does the two words even get along? Naaah !

What is the celebration which is not without a little pomp and an extra show? And most importantly, you must talk and (if possible) meet everyone that you love that day. I know that with these new technologies, all your social networking sites buzz you when your buddies are gonna age. Still, some of them ignore the buzz and remind themselves to call you later. That later might not come later in the day. It might be in the later year. Don't you sit there and curse them. Infact, call them and curse them. Tell them how dare they not to call you right at midnight?  And make them wish you with a million of apologies!

Phewww...just talking about this energised me. If only I could celebrate my hubby's birthday with me this year :(
I hate to feel it was just a regular day. Even duller than that.

But anyway, we will make it up next year. :)

Till then, all you folks out there, Birthdays are the celebration of life... both literally and figuratively. So go get crazy this year ! :)


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