DAY 242 (A strange persistent choice... )

There was a time when I told him only negative things about me. What wrongs I did to people, how pessimistic I had been and what people thought of me. He still chose me.

I told him its not a good choice. There are still dark things in me left unexplored and I don't know when might they get discovered. He smiled and still chose me.

Today, when I tell him that this is what my thinking is, what I think of doing to this world and how mean I am, he tells me some positive things which I don't even think belong to me. He convinces me that those things are inside me and all I need is to accept them. I call him an illusionist and he still chooses me.

I don't know what keeps him there. What tells him that I am worth staying for. I don't know why we were destined to meet, to live together, to spend the rest of our lives together. I just know that wherever I go, whatever I choose, he follows, finds me and still chooses me .... 


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