DAY 251 (Hang in there !)

Sometimes you want to give it all for someone. Their pain hurts you. Their uneasiness gives you sleepless nights. You want to be the happy factor for them, love them, impress them, die for them if need be. But things don't turn out the way you want. Sometimes your love expresses in the form of possessiveness, your care feels like suffocation. All you have in your heart is just good. But it does not matter.

Apart from this sadness, the world also hits you back with random things in tough times. You won't see it coming but it hits you with lightning speed and you are left with a broken jaw. Your bones crackle, muscles ache, you get a dry mouth and you just don't know how to get out of it.

You get amazed seeing that you would have gone out of length for so many people had the table been reversed. But you can't be amazed at the fact that everyone is not like you. Actually good that they are not like you because they would not have been able to handle it. It is a courageous feature to face your problems and not run away from them. And that is the reason you are chosen to face them.

Its your own struggle. Fight it. Live it. Have a story to brag about to your kids. And no matter what... be strong.


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