DAY 144 (A pat on the back..!)

Everyone has a limit to the extent where his/her patience can be tested. A point beyond which its not possible to stretch yourself....because if you would...then you would break down...both physically and mentally. 

And thats where a little pat on the back works!!!

Its a pat on the back...which can make you cross the horizons. Its that ultimate thing which compensates all the kicks on your ass. All your efforts and contributions seem to have been acknowledged. Its a kind of magic that works in the worse of worst situations.

And thats why I feel so blessed. Acknowledgement is all that counts for me. You wanna encourage me? .....Just tell me how you feel! Thats all that would work. 

I have seen people who ask for returns in the materialistic terms. Give them an increment, a gift or anything that they can show to the would make them the count/countess. But they don't understand that its all a matter of time when it all deteriorates to ashes. Its the words and recognition that counts. 

Have faith....and it all will pay back. There is nothing which you give to the world and you don't get it back. Thats what the law of Almighty is..!


  1. It's the simplest of actions, but often rare in its application. It takes a large hearted person to acknowledge selflessly.


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