DAY 159 (Venting out and filling in..)

When there comes a long period since I have written something...I feel incomplete. So here I am once 'fill' myself and to 'vent' myself both at the same time. Passion is this strange thing which matches contradictions like these two simultaneously and then resolves everything!

Sometimes, when I am alone and I look back trying to find out who all brought me till here where I am...who gave me strength, patted my back, gave me that one last push, wiped my tears, brought me smile and had been there always...there is none "all" except one who matched all the criterion. And reminding her name to my blog after a long ..long time...its my soul friend Akansha. 

I can't fill this little space with all that she has done. Moreover, since we both know about it...there is no point in trying to accommodate it in few less-deserving words! Its just that I couldn't stop myself from mentioning it here.

We have been there since always...and have known each other inside out. We used to hear from our teachers in school that when we all will grow up...things will change..everyone will follow different paths and ultimately we'll be in different corners of the world. I couldn't imagine it then. What would happen if this would happen? Because the innocence of that age couldn't allow me to be predictable across these lengths and breadths.

But now we grew up. We chose different career paths. Emotionally we are as bonded as always were. But our addresses now point to different continents. We follow different timezones. A card of Rs. 20 which once took just Rs. 50/- courier service to reach her would now need Rs. 700/- in my pocket.

As they say....if you love each other...distances don't matter. I am sure they don' far as the relationships and their strengths are concerned. But believe me, they make you miserable because of the missing part. I know it because it has been just few hours and I am feeling it already as if someone is stabbing me right in my heart.

I know it'll strengthen our understanding and love for each other manifolds but still...that helplessness follows!

What do I say...? Akansha has been my strength and weakness always and my words can't cover it all. I am sure she is gonna miss me as terribly as I am missing her right now but the best part is that she has got what she deserves.

I wish her all the luck and happiness in whatever she does!

PS- Love you akansha! :) 


  1. Nice to see you back to blogging after a long time ...


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