DAY 160 (Hip-hip Hurray! )

What an awesome day it was...aaaahhhh!!! :)))))

Someone said it right... a great day compensates a bad week. For has happened so many times that when I am bugged up, disappointed, fed up and just on the verge of giving up, something amazing happens! Something that recharges me energy to fight back with smile on my face. Something that helps me to go on with happy leaps and hip hip hurrays!!! And then I see those who loved to see me cry...getting me irritated and spoiling my mood. Guess what do I find out..? On my every happy leap...they are limping with pain and agony!

Can you guess what that feeling is called....??..
...It is.."Legen.."...wait for it..."daryyy"..!!! :)))))

Yes its true that we should be happy for our victories and not others' failures... but if their failure means "no more tears" and "no more frowns" on my face..then why shouldn't I be happy?

If someone's happiness is in my agony...their pain automatically becomes my smile... :)
And I can't rearrange this simple equation to fit in "idealism" and "values"...sorry!

So basically...I am happy...and thats the breaking news of the day! And my love to all those who are happy for me today.. :)

For the rest of the people- Happy limping!  :))))))


  1. ur happiness is overflowing from ur has come out of my laptop and stuck r8 to my face in the form of a smile..:)))))

  2. @Sudhanshu : I agree.... Same here :)


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