DAY 162 (Frustration...)

People have their own techniques of handling frustrations. I have three-
1. Be alone and cry for a while ( I call it tears for rage)
2. Mess everything up ( which doesn't actually help much)
3. Take that frustration out on somebody else.

Now the third method is the most unfair one, but it satisfies me to the core. It vents out everything. Everything which was clotted and everything which could have clotted.

But sometimes, I don't get a victim to face it. And I feel so handicapped! I remember a scene in this movie I saw lately Guzaarish. There is a scene where Hrithik (being a total handicap) was lying on bed and was highly frustrated over something. There was a vase kept on a table in front of his bed and he wanted to smash it down to the floor. Just to vent out..! He asks Aishwarya to do that for him. But she refuses. Gosh...that helplessness!!!! I could feel the same at so many moments of my life!

I just want to smash that vase so hard....but I am so crippled to do that!

And if I asks someone else to do it for me....either the person is busy in his own frustrations or he is too ignorant. That ignorance and that busy-schedule takes away so much of my life. Life where I could have breathed, where I could have lived.

But no one understands that. I am probably typing this to vent out in a new way...a 4th way which hopefully should work out. But believe me....while typing this...I wanna tear apart each and every key of this keyboard because the formation of words and sequence of sentences isn't helping me out.

And no one understands that!

Like any other feeling, a human can have this negative feeling of frustration as well. It is as normal as anything. And venting this feeling out can never ever be possible with creativity!!!! For god's has to be destructive in order to be crushed down.

But until and unless its on won't understand it. There always has to be a calm solution till the time someone else is involved!

And thats ridiculous!!! Highly ridiculous..!!!

Phewwwww.... x-(


  1. Emotional maturity is the ability to stick to a job and to struggle through until it is finished, to endure unpleasantness, discomfort and frustration.

  2. did you realize that there is this fourth way to vent our frustration. write!

  3. I feel that writing is a good way(soft option) of venting your frustation....however I would suggest the foll. two ways also:
    (1)Count upto 10
    (2)Be philosophical/quiet for some time

    Let me know the results.

  4. i wonder how crying helps... all it does is enhance the frustration.. the third option is the best specially when done with understanding friends, u know the one who know your temper and all , the ones who do not mind, the one's from whom u play the same role...
    @atul counting upto 10 changes nothing yaar atleast 100 is necessary specially in hindi ..

    and yes writing is the most sane option .... and is the most effective when done with expletives adorning each sentence ..

    you can also throw a soft thing lke a stress ball on to a wall with all your might or throw a stone on to the road ...

    by the way reading your post .. if your frustration went down after writing this mush then probably you were not very frustrated or you calm down quiet soon ...

    sorry if the comment was too long but i liked this post as m short tempered myself and often try different ways to vent out ...

  5. @praveen... yeah but philosophy doesn't click at situation like these :(

    @saawan... yes but it didn't help much.. x-(

    @atul gupta...thanks for the suggestions phuphaji :)

    @Funk Priest...thanks for the long comment...although im replying to it very late but that was what i actually needed. And no, writing this post didn't satisfy me then. It took long hours for me to calm down !!!


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