DAY 230 (Letter from a humble North-Indian !)

I am a north-Indian living and residing in South-India. Yes. This is how sometimes I have to introduce myself. start on this, first of all this is not an offensive post from my side. It is just about few pain-sides which I feel as an Indian sometimes.

Dear South-Indians,
To start with, I would just like to give a breaking news that South and North India both are a part of one and a single nation..INDIA! It might come as a surprise to you, because what I have learnt here is, that there are only 5 states in India- Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and North-India. is not so. As about me, I do not know why do I have to explain where do I come from because actually Lucknow is the capital of one of the biggest states in India - Uttar Pradesh. Few of you have also asked me whether Lucknow is in Delhi. Well..I give up there ! Also, I know that your part of states has different languages, beautiful temples, colorful culture which I truly admire. But let me just take a moment here and remind you that Hindi is the NATIONAL language of India. Our prime Ministers, Presidents all speak and give speeches in Hindi and they have been/are your Prime Minister and President too.

We, north-Indians love and get mesmerized by your small small things. We love the rangolis that you make early in the morning. We love the different festivals that you celebrate which we might have not even known of if we didn't come to your state. We love your food, your hygiene. And we respect all of this as well.

All we expect or demand in return is a little respect back. We speak Hindi because that is our mother tongue. We don't want you to forcefully learn Hindi and we expect the same from you to not force us too for your language. We love your Ugadi, Ganesha festivals, Pongal, Onam, every thing ! All we expect is to not call Diwali and Holi as irrelevant or small festivals. We love your Dosas and Idlis. All we expect from you is not to yell "What the hell is that?" when we crave for Chola Bhatura! We try and be a part of you by coming to a common language usually English. All we expect is not to mock at us in your language. We want to learn from you. All we expect  from you is not to look at us as if we are criminals if we want to be social with you. We regard your culture and all we would appreciate is not to be disregarded from you when we are in your company.

Trust me, it has been amazing experience staying here in your native so much so, that I have decided to be a permanent resident of your city. All I want to remind is, that I am still in my nation so please do not look at me as if I am an outsider. We all are Indians and let us keep it that way. Let us respect each other. We might not know but it will truly help and contribute in our nation to grow.

Thanks and Regards,
A humble North Indian.



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