DAY 256 (To the murderers of English language!)

Some people get to your nerves by their sarcasm, some by their stupidity, some by their personality.
But the grammatically incorrect ones are the worst!

Just talk in the language you are comfortable with and if it is absolutely necessary to murder English, take a soft skill training or something so that it is alteast not a first-degree murder and you can get away by a 10 years sentence or so. The jumbled words, the invisible punctuation, Noun(s) being used as verbs and vice versa. There is this other habit of people adding "The" before everything! The laptop, the issue (read isssssuuuu), the India, The Supriya, The, The, The !

Well do you guys think, with your all those "the", your statement will sound heavier or more important or its just that you learnt that you can't form a sentence without it?

Another trait is, to just talk in the same accent as your mother tongue. So it becomes Hindi-English, Bhojpuri-English, Bengali-English, Oriya-English, etc etc. There is a spoiler for these guys.. there is something called English! Just plain simple English! Surprised? Well, there are many more to come!

The other day, there was this guy who was trying to say something but all the keywords were replaced by "the thing". For example: Can you check "the thing?" In "the thing" everything was mentioned (Read menssioned). "That thing" which had "the thing" can be referred.

So I was looking at this guy blankly trying to decode at the back of my mind what is this thing that can universally make sense to all these sentences. I think the question mark on my face was so evident that a third person witnessing this filled the blank saying "I think he is talking about some e-mail". And suddenly the world was so less complicated.

It's fine if are not fluent. But just make sense is all I ask for. Imagine the same sentences being thrown at you by someone else everyday. How difficult, tiring and nerve-cracking would it be to solve the puzzle first to get to the puzzle every damn day.

Aaaah...Anyway... I am signing off from "This thing". Sigh !


  1. I am going to die laughing! "Do you always put on that thing?" - happened today. At times I feel it is evil to mock at someone whose mother tongue influences the ability to communicate in English; yet there are lot of soft skills and self help courses to better yourself if you want to. And MTI is still ok if you are genuinely trying to improve. But not all are willing.

    1. This "thing" for which you were asked for today can be filled by so many words and some really weird ones ! I wish "they" could understand all that :P


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