DAY 257 (To the unpleasant ones ..! )

Many things to say on various topics and I really do not want to split it in different blogs. So here I go...

I find so many people out there who have the talent but no motivation to do something about it. They wait for the right time, right day, right weather not realizing that it might never come. What I feel personally is, all you need for motivation is to tell yourself "Lets do it!". Let us not think about the time needed, the after-effects, the day, the weather. Just go for it. You wanna paint, paint ! If you don't have the brushes, sketch. Once you start it, everything else you needed will get into your lap. You will get it into your lap.

There are some, who would do little but project wider. I sometimes wonder how their conscious allows them to do it. It is not just professional life that's being pointed out here. It becomes their habit to do it in everyday tasks. Did you drink your milk? Yes one glass full! Though it was half a glass. Does it make sense to lie for this? No! But its just their daily habit now.

There are few who just crib. Oh my friend is happy, let me crib! Oh I got promoted, but the salary isn't enough, let me crib! I have a nice husband but not as nice in-laws, crib ! I enjoy my life, but there is no free time, crib ! I have lot of free time, I want to be busy, crib ! Did those of you who do this realize that how crazy, boring and intolerable you sound? Please just enjoy what you have. There are thousands of people who don't have things that you do and they still choose to be happy.

So there are so many weird things and I don't know if I could justify or express what I was trying to say. My bottom line is the world can be better for a lot of people by the smallest things if they choose them. So choose those guys ! And enjoy the difference !


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