DAY 261 (Random new year scribble...)

So they say that it will continue to be the way you started your first day of the year. Well.. guess what? I fell sick with cold and fever. And the sad part is, it wasn't even because of alcohol. Or is it the good part? ;)

Anyway, so does that really happen? Would I be sick for the rest of the year too? Ah, just thinking about it gave me jitters. Well..I hope not! But 364 days to test...

So, I don't know how many of you reading this, believe in new year resolutions. Well.. I don't. I can't commit myself to something which is against my habits or nature. Maybe it is because I have the fear of not having enough will-power. Or maybe it is because I believe things happen if they are supposed to happen. You can't force yourself to do something for the next 365 days of your life consistently.

I remember when I was a kid, I used to prepare this huge chart with a cardboard stand (like a big photo frame) with 2 columns drawn neatly on it. First column had names of my family members and the second one had the list of resolutions for the next year. On every 31st December, I used to go with that chart to every member and force them to fill it. My name was always at the extreme bottom and my fill in the blank was "No resolutions because they are meant to be broken". Funny..isn't it? And then that chart used to hang on my cupboard for the rest of the year like a prized possession.

However, its funny as well as amazing to remember few things for which you have been consistent on your opinion since you can remember. Otherwise people change over a period of time.

Sometimes I wonder why did I use to make those charts when I did not believe in resolutions. What was my intention behind it. I remember I used to chase people down if they were breaking theirs. But was there a deep thought which, as a child, I could not understand?
But naah, I believe I was just a kid...and a smart one! :)


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