DAY 262 (The unanswered questions..)

Has it ever happened to you that you were going to write a blog about someone or even halfway to it but then you realise they don't deserve it probably and delete the whole thing even if the writing felt good?
It happened to me just now. In times like this you realise how unimportant someone has become for you over the time. It might also be that they have disappointed you so much that you just don't wanna waste your e-ink on them.

The stranger part is, you feel used or a convenient part of their life now. Its not a new story for me anyway. If I dig in my blogs, I am sure I would find minimum 4 more similar blogposts. But does that justify a problem in me or in the world? The latter seems less probable for obvious reasons but I really need to work this out.

It seems so easy for the rest of the world to just go on their way, be mean, be thoughtless for you. I wonder where do they get this strength from? It takes real stone-cold heart to be this way. And I don't buy the argument that they were always this way. Because if that was true, I would never have been impacted.

Well...such is life. Some questions can just never be answered. And somewhere inside your heart, you wish they aren't ever answered. 


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