DAY 253 (You will always be with me..)

I still have you with me.
In all those talks of yours which made me laugh.
Your passion for cricket and our weekend playoffs.
Our meetup on Saturday lunch and sharing the plate of chicken.
Your attempt to speak Hindi and your laugh on my attempt in Tamil.
Your guidance when I was stuck somewhere professionally or personally.
Our cubicle jokes and the whispers.
Chatting with you on the monitor even if you are just sitting behind me.
The discussions, the bitching, the gossip, the laughs.
The morning and evening tea that tasted good only with you.
The unburdening of uncompleted tasks.
Sharing with you if I am bunking and vice versa.
Sharing "How was the weekend" and going on for hours and hours.
Your dosas which made my breakfast tastier than ever.
Your empty promises of cooking chicken for me someday.
Our hollow plans of taking you to Lucknow for shopping.
Sharing small things as and when it happened.
The impromptu small treats demanding and giving for silly things.
The bets, the wins, the losses and the celebration.
The bike ride, the bike borrowing, the "sure why not" attitude of yours.

I still have you with me in the air around, in the sliding clouds. In those happy captured frames, in your small souvenirs.

No matter what happens, this part of you is mine and will always be. You are with me and will always be.


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